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Our Cleaning Methods

Due to the fact that every clients needs are different as well as their items to be cleaned, Lookin' Like New incorporates various different equipment and cleaning solutions to choose from that will best suit your cleaning needs. The following are descriptions of what methods we offer to choose from.

Our First Step

The first step that we perform in the cleaning process is vacuum the areas to be cleaned with our TRUE HEPA VACUUM system. Our powerful vacuums will remove all of the loose dirt, dust, mites, etc... from deep below the surface. The TRUE HEPA filtration system keeps 99.97% of what is vacuumed from being exhausted back into the air. After the vacuum process is completed, we will then pre-treat the carpet.

Hot Water Deep Extraction

Hot water extraction is a common and popular method of carpet cleaning. Hot soapy water is jetted down through the carpeting and then is sucked back into the cleaning machine along with the cleaning solution and dirt.

Low Foam Shampoo

A small amount of hot water and cleaning solution is inserted into our cleaning machine, which generates hot foam and applies it to the carpet. A continuously rotating dense-bristle brush pushes the foam to the base of the carpet so that it covers the length of the fibers. The foam, now containing all the soil, sugar and oil left behind by common spills and use, are then vacuumed back out by our TRUE HEPA VACUUM system.

Bonnet Cleaning

A Bonnet is a pad made out of cotton or another synthetic material. The pad is installed onto the bottom of a rotating floor cleaning/buffing machine. The wet bonnet washed the carpet fibers. The moisture is then extracted by our water extractor machine. Your carpet will usually dry in less time using the bonnet method.

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